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"Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, which we all experience to some degree every day"

The Diet Free Diet

On this exciting, one day course, you will learn the secrets of weight control that the diet industry don’t want you to know! Imagine being able to be free from the continued pain of dieting and watching what you eat. During the exciting day you will learn:

  • The ingredient in diet products that actually makes you crave food
  • Learning what you really want
  • How to listen to your body and eat what it really wants
  • Methods to naturally, and safely boost your metabolism
  • A simple method to stop yourself eating anything (and start eating what you really need)
  • The root of weight issues and how to resolve them
  • How an acidic diet is damaging your health
  • Who the only person is whose opinion about you matters
  • To integrate exercise into your everyday life
  • The language of weight control
  • Releasing guild about eating the foods that you like
  • To accept and love yourself however you look
  • The truth about so-called “miracle” diets
  • That watching your weight does not mean never having the foods you love again

In this interactive workshop, you will also participate in guided meditations to resolve weight issues and begin to reprogram the sub-conscious with powerful new habits to positively propel you to your ideal size and weight.

This workshop will inspire you to achieving the body that you deserve and desire, and give you the tools to make it your reality.

All attendees also get the following transformational audio programs free to continue the work after the course:

Plus the Diet Free Diet workbook, with all the course information and exercises to further aid you in achieving your goals.

Want to find out more about this exciting course? Subscribe to the free 7 part email course and discover how you can live the diet free diet.


Call us on 0845 123 2631 or 07793 894 877 or print and post the priority reservation form or book online


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