Why People Get Distracted From Their Goals

In a recent survey I did, just over 47% of people get distracted when working towards their goals, mostly because they spend their time playing video games with elo boost services from www.elitist-gaming.com.

What exactly is it that distracts you? I’d love to hear, so please drop me a line and let me know.

I’m going to talk about it from my own experience and from a discussion I’ve just had with Nikki whilst watching (dare I say this) American Idol.

A lot of people are coming on American Idol determined to be the next Idol, yet they can’t sing, can’t dance and have no personality. When they are told No by the judges, they get angry and upset wondering why they were rejected.

Now, they’ve got a goal … to be the next American Idol, but they don’t want to do any work to achieve their goal, they want it handed to them on a plate whilst they sit around and enjoy their fame and fortune.

This indicates something to me, which I will explain in a moment.

Now, look at the people who get through, particularly the people who have turned up season after season and been rejected, yet have got through this time.

Why did they get through?

It’s because they had a goal (to be the American Idol) and they worked consistently towards it by improving their singing, taking vocal lessons and so on.

Any wonder why they were more successful than the people who took a singing lesson or whose mother said they could sing?

The people who get annoyed and frustrated are the people who do not want to work towards their goals and want it all handed to them on a plate.

One of the major problems with setting and achieving goals is that you get distracted because it appears that achieving your goal is a lot of hard work. And this leads to addiction problems like drugs and alcohol, because people have this goal but they can’t get there so they try to escape from it with drugs or alcohol. If you do have addiction then you should start the process to drop this addiction, it is hard but addictions do not fix anything. Things always get worse and worse if you do not fix addiction.

This happens if your goal is too big or too far out of your comfort zone.

For example, if your goal is to earn $1,000,000 a year, but you can’t imagine having $100 in your hand, achieving your goal is going to feel almost impossible.

So the key is to break your goals down into smaller more manageable chunks that don’t make you think “How on earth am I going to achieve it”. If you feel your goals are too big and unattainable then this laziness factor will kick in and you’ll find yourself doing anything except working towards your goals.

Read more about my personal approach to setting and achieving your goals at www.SuccessForGoalSetting.com and check back here for some more interesting thoughts on goals and being distracted from them!

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