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"Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, which we all experience to some degree every day"

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Breast Enhancement


The human body is continuously rebuilding itself. In a year, 98% of the atoms within your body are replaced. You effectively grow a new skeleton every three months, a new liver every six weeks and new skin each month.

This rebuilding of your body takes place according to a blueprint held in your sub-conscious mind.

In the Breast Enhancement audio program your power sub-conscious mind is engaged to re-pattern your body's blueprint and allow for the desired growth to take place. This growth takes place over a period of time, naturally and in harmony with your body and divine purpose.

Growth of up to two inches in the bust has been reported from use of this program.

There are three MP3 samples available for this audio program:

Sample 1

Sample 2

Music Sample

The Breast Enhancement audio program is available for just $19.95 / £11.95 including free worldwide postage.




Breast Enhancement - vocal CD

Breast Enhancement - subliminal CD

Breast Enhancement - Double CD

This double audio program contains the original Breast Enhancement program with the addition of a second cd containing a subliminal version of the program. The Breast Enhancement program is embedded just beyond the audible range of hearing in pleasant, relaxing music. This allows you to listen to the program as often as you life, even when driving, and still get the benefits of enhancing your confidence.

The Breast Enhancement Double CD is available for just $29.97 /£19.97 including free worldwide postage.




Breast Enhancement - Double CD


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