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"Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, which we all experience to some degree every day"

Other Audio Programs


These audio programs are those that do not quite fit into the other categories. There are a wide variety of programs here for transforming your life. Browse through the list and see how your life can benefit.

Each program is approximately one hour in length, consisting of a musical track with embedded subliminals to enhance your relaxation and increase your self-hypnosis experience. This is overlaid with a male English voice guiding you through a meditation lasting approximately 20-30 minutes. The remaining time on the program is the relaxing music.

Follow the links below to discover more about the available audio programs.

Aiding Arthritis - Harness your sub-conscious mind to ease the discomfort of arthritis

Body Balancing - Work with your body's hormonal system and achieve balance once more

Breast Enhancement - Your powerful sub-conscious mind works to increase your bust size

Free From Tobacco - Stop smoking through this powerful hypnosis session

Morning Booster - Set to Vivaldi's Four Seasons, get a boost each morning through subliminal messages

Skin Cleansing - Tap into your sub-conscious to get rid of acne and skin problems


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Aiding Arthritis

Body Balancing

Breast Enhancement

Free From Tobacco

Morning Booster

Skin Cleansing

Surfing At Peace


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