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"Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, which we all experience to some degree every day"

Music For Change


I am proud to offer the following high quality audio programs designed to help you live the life of your dreams! Through these programs, you can get rid of weight, attract abundance, sleep better, balance your hormones and many more. Explore the catagories below, listen to the samples and choose the program that you need right now.

"... My biggest problem these days is which CD do I choose for my next car journey or hour of relaxation! ..." From N.B. Manchester

The audio programs are divided into six categories for ease of reference:

Take this opportunity today to earn money from these audio programs with my affiliate program.

For bulk shipping or wholesale enquiries please contact me directly for details and pricing.

(music supplied by The Dominic Beirne School of Hypnotherapy and Psychology unless otherwise stated).


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