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"Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, which we all experience to some degree every day"

Body Enhancement Series


The body is the temple of the spirit. With today's hectic modern style, not all of us have the time that we want to spend on keeping our body healthy and fit. This often results in a lowering of the quality of our lives.

This series of audio programs are designed to help you to redress the balance and change your body to that you desire through self-hypnosis, specially created music and subliminal messages. Each program is approximately one hour in length, consisting of a musical track with embedded subliminals to enhance your relaxation and increase your self-hypnosis experience. This is overlaid with a male English voice guiding you through a meditation lasting approximately 20-30 minutes. The remaining time on the program is the relaxing music.

The audio programs are also available in a subliminal format, meaning the hypnotic program is buried in the music where your only your sub-conscious can pick it up. The major benefit is that you can then listen to the music at any time, even when performing other activities and still gain benefit from your chosen program.

Follow the links below to discover more about the available audio programs.

Body Healing - Tap into your sub-conscious mind to re-build your body according to your inner blueprint

Creating Confidence - Boost your confidence quickly and easily

Creating Your Ideal Body Image - Discover the inner you and create it in your life

Loving Exercise - Discover forms of exercise you enjoy and learn to love doing them

Releasing Emotional Blocks - Release hidden emotional blocks that may have been holding you back

Restful Sleep - Be free from insomnia and get a wonderful nights sleep

Stress Management - Learn to overcome stress and deal better with stressful situations

Weight Control - Transform your eating habits and get rid of the weight you want to


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Body Home

Body Healing

• Creating Confidence

• Ideal Body Image

Loving Exercise

• Releasing Emotional Blocks

Restful Sleep

Stress Management

• Weight Control


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