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"Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, which we all experience to some degree every day"

Past Life Regression

Have you ever visited somewhere and felt that it was strangely familiar and you knew the place, even though you had never been there?

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt you knew them?

Can you explain these feelings as mere coincidences?

Or are these feelings left over from a previous lifetime?

It is a commonly held theory in the New Age community and within some Eastern philosophies that our souls come into body after body; lifetime after lifetime in order to learn and grow and work towards Nirvana or Enlightenment – a state where we return to divine oneness with the source of all life.

But what are past lives? Are they real previous existences or are they psychological phenomena created by our minds to help us deal with the enormity of life?

A lot of studies have been conducted on past lives. Some of these have been scientific, others not. The majority of these studies have come up with unanswerable questions regarding the past lives; evidence that didn’t fit into the usual assumptions. They have discovered people with knowledge that they just can’t explain away.

Many scientists attempt to explain away phenomena such as past lives as being “Crytomnesia”. This is where the sub-conscious mind takes a perfectly detailed snap shot of something it just caught a glimpse of and then recalls it perfectly.

Whereas this can explain some past life phenomena, it does not explain it all.

In my own dealings with past lives, I have regressed a lot of people. I have seen people change their accents and their mannerisms, taking on the traits of their previous selves. I have seen women sit like men and adopt male mannerisms and butch men adopt feminine body language.

One of the common worries with any form of regression is that that the hypnotist may well accidentally implant suggestions into the mind of the subject. This was a common occurrence with alien abductees, with the hypnotists innocently asking leading questions or providing some of the detail, e.g. “What did the alien ship look like”. This question implies there was an alien ship there, even if there was not.

The sub-conscious mind, the part that is dominant during hypnosis, is very childlike and easy to please. It takes suggestions like this and fills in the blanks for you.

Any good hypnotist will use what is known as “Ericksonian Language Patterns”, which are deliberately vague. This form of questioning avoids providing any form of detail, allowing the client to fill in the blanks from their memory.

Another common worry with past life regression is what if I get stuck or have a bad experience? The good news is that in the thousands of years of hypnotism, no one has ever got stuck or lost. It’s a natural state of mind, just like you are almost asleep, but not quite awake.

As to a bad experience. Again, an experienced hypnotist will ensure that the client is in a disassociated state, which means they are aware of everything but do not fully feel the feelings. It’s like watching a television show or a movie.

In one regression case I took a woman back to a past life. When she entered the life, she found herself at the end of it where she had been buried alive. Instead of this being a traumatic experience for her, she was able to breeze through it and move past the trauma of being buried alive.

I am often asked if we can be regressed to lives other than those of being in human bodies? My personal opinion and experience is that no, we can be regressed back into non human lives. I imagine we could be regressed into extra-terrestrial lives perhaps too, though I have never experimented with that.

One client who visited me regressed back to being a whale. Another was a wolf. One wanted to see his first life, so we regressed him back and his first life was as a rock. How can a rock die you may ask? Through erosion!

We talk a lot of past lives, yet I must ask, do our past lives have to be linear along the time line? Do we have to go from one life to the next in the sequential manner, moving onwards from the past into the future?

As we are starting to realise, time is just the fourth dimension; the distance between cause and effect. Therefore, when we finish in this lifetime, we could theoretically re-incarnate in any time period in the future or even in the past.

Could people re-incarnating from the future into the past explain some of the anomalies of history, people who have made startlingly accurate prophecies and predictions? Could people like Leonardo da Vinci, Nostrodamus and others be people who came from a future incarnation to one in their past?

Current and ancient spiritual thinking tells us that we are all one; each of us are a part of the same whole. If we assume that this is the case, then this explains perfectly one of the biggest questions hanging over past lives, “Why do so many people remember being someone famous such as Cleopatra, Caesar and others?”

If I go into the garden and dig up some soil to put in a pot to grow a plant, that soil is still a part of the Earth, it just happens to now be contained in a pot rather than in the whole of the Earth itself.

Over the lifetime of the plant in the pot, the soils composition will change. It will be fed according to the needs of the plant. It may have compost or other substances added to enhance the soil quality. It may be neglected and ignored so that the soil becomes weak and lifeless.

Eventually though, the pot will be thrown out and the soil in the pot returns to the whole Earth. Over time as it returns to the Earth, so it releases its individuality and shares its uniqueness into the whole, whilst at the same time absorbing the whole into itself.

What if you and I were in fact this pot? And the soil were our spirit or soul?

We live on this planet in our bodies in the third dimension. Time has been designated as the fourth dimension. What would our existence look like if we stepped beyond the fourth dimension into the fifth? We would see everything that happened all at once, would we not? We would see everything that has happened, is happening and will happen all occurring at the same time.

As the individual ‘pot’ we experience the moment through the concept of time. Without time we would have no frame of reference for our experiences.

As the whole, we have experienced and will experience every single life time. Yet from our third dimensional existence, we are not aware of the whole or our connection to the other parts of our self, that is, everything and everyone around us.

This sharing of the essence of our individuality when we return to the Source explains why many people remember being someone famous such as Cleopatra; because to all intents and purposes they were, because we are all one.

Past life regression can also be used to resolve issues from the past that are blocking you in the present. Perhaps you may have troubles with money, with relationships, with health or with emotional issues that you just can’t explain.

These may have a source in a past life, and when you go back into your past life, you can work through these issues and release them, freeing yourself from their limitations and allowing yourself to move on in this life time.

On client I regressed had an aversion to fish in this lifetime. During the regression we discovered this was from a past life as a sailor who starved to death on a shipwreck with nothing but fish to eat. Another had nagging shoulder pain, and it was discovered to be from a wound in a past life that had killed him. Once this life had been cleared, the shoulder pain subsided.

You can find out about your past lives through visiting a qualified hypnotist who will guide you back into your past lives so you can see them yourself. When choosing a hypnotist, ensure they are fully qualified and registered with an appropriate professional body, such as the General Hypnotherapy Register.

It is advisable to go on personal recommendation from someone you know and trust too. Any reputable hypnotist will offer you a free consultation so you can get to know them. It is important that you are comfortable and feel at ease with the hypnotist so that you can work with them. If, after the free consultation, you do not feel they are right for you, find another one.

Past life regression is a fun process. You can find out more about yourself and travel into the past and maybe understand why you are the way you are today. You can use it to clear negative patterns and remove blocks from your life. It is safe, enjoyable and something the can help you get the most from life.

Whether you are just curious, or want to release blocks in your life, you can easily find a hypnotist who will guide you on your adventure into your past lives.

If you would like to discover more about your past lives, then please book a one to one session or see my Past Life Regression Audio CD.

(c) Jason E. Johns



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