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"Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, which we all experience to some degree every day"


Accept life as it is. Be joyful, Without any reason.

In a village where the great Zen Master Hakuin was living, a girl became pregnant. Her father bullied her for the name of her lover, and, in the end, to escape punishment, she told him it was Hakuin.

The father said no more, but when the time came and the child was born, he at once took the baby to Hakuin and threw it down. "It seems that this is your child," he said, and he piled on every insult and sneer at the disgrace of the affair.

The Zen Master only said, "Oh, is that so?" and took the baby in his arms. Wherever he went thereafter, he took the baby, wrapped in the sleeve of his ragged robe. During rainy days and stormy nights he would go out to beg milk from the neighbouring houses. Many of his disciples, considering him fallen, turned against him and left. And Hakuin said not a word.

Meantime the mother found she could not bear the agony of separation from her child. She confessed the name of the real father, and her own father rushed to Hakuin and prostrated himself, begging over and over for forgiveness.

Hakuin said only, "Oh, is that so?" and gave him the child back.

This is acceptance. This is tathata. Whatsoever life brings is okay, absolutely okay. This is the mirror like quality-nothing is good, nothing is bad, all is divine. Accept life as it is. Accepting it, desires disappear, tensions disappear, discontent disappears. Accepting it as it is one starts feeling very joyful and for no reason at all.

When joy has a reason, it is not going to last long. When joy is without any reason, it is going to be there forever.

Source unknown


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